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  • Barbara's Favorites

    "There is a precious, jewel-like quality about these knobs that always catches the eye. The exquisite detailing and proportion make these rather small objects look significant. And, they are equally beautiful in the hand."

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  • Accessories For Every Room

    Bring calm, cool and relaxed style to any room of the house. Here we have smooth and creamy white resin Pinion containers with natural leather handles paired with light and textural Waffle weave cotton linens.

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  • The New Modern

    Sculptural forms of unexpected geometry create subtle-but-warm minimalist expressions. These carefully calibrated elements are a most modern reflection of original design, innovative engineering and impeccable craftsmanship.

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  • Keep it Simple

    Modern simplicity and unadorned beauty come to life in ceramic stoneware that is hand molded and painted by artisans near Venice, Italy. Clean lines create this collection of trays and bowls that make ideal accents and practical pieces for the kitchen or bath.

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  • Watt Collection

    Notice how vintage forms radiate new warmth in these original interpretations of telephone pole insulator covers. The collection features two styles of large scale boron molded glass shades in several colors.


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Barbara Sallick’s Blog: The Perfect Bath


    Linen Towels

    Outdoors or in, summer showers are ideal for linen towels. There are hand loomed in the European tradition; they are simple and light, yet incredibly strong, absorbent and durable....

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