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  • Instant Collector's Items

    Carefully crafted from the finest materials, our newest handmade accessories are timeless must-haves. Ideal gifts – from the perfect cashmere robe to rustic but sleek leather trays – they turn everyday moments into a cause for celebration.

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  • Peter Sallick On: New Trending Lights

    Flush-mounted lights are often an afterthought, but they’re surprisingly important to a room. Ideal for a bath, hallway, foyer or kitchen, they create a unique design statement.

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  • The Art of Towel Layering

    Towels take a bath to a whole new level and make a distinctive design statement. Our four signature towel families (including new soft, airy Estrela) and accent towels combine effortlessly, for the kind of finishing touches that make a space your own.

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  • Meet Your Towel Match

    Finding your perfect towel has never been easier. We’ve curated our bath towel assortment into four signature families – all beautifully distinctive and designed to be around for years to come. What’s your style?

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  • New Bath Apothecary Collection

    Discover new formulas, exclusive scents and a fresh look with global sensibility. These products don't just make you feel more beautiful—they're gorgeous on their own.

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  • New Kitchen Accessories

    Our latest collection of furnishings from trays to aprons to fresh, citrusy candles offering all the beauty of natural materials and hand-finishings to create a layered graciously lived in look.

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Barbara Sallick’s Blog: The Perfect Bath


    Small details improve a bath’s ambiance: luxurious white towels, a new rug and freestanding accessories give a fresh and updated appearance.

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